Become a volunteer at the 2nd Nyéléni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty in Cluj-Napoca, Romania!


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Application formDeadline 1 October.


This autumn, between the 26th and 30th of October, hundreds of people from the entire Europe and Central Asia will meet in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for the second Forum of the Nyéléni European Movement for Food Sovereignty!

For 5 days, farmers, fishers, pastoralists, indigenous people, consumers, trade unions, environmental/justice/solidarity/human rights organizations, community-based food movements, journalists, researchers from more than 42 countries will bring existing food sovereignty initiatives together, sharing and connecting experiences and planning a pan-European strategy and plan for future food and agriculture.

Give us a hand in building a meaningful experience and an inspiring food sovereignty movement! Become a volunteer during Nyéléni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty in Cluj-Napoca, Romania!



We are looking for volunteers who are interested in joining us in Cluj-Napoca, Romania between the 24th - 30th of October.


Why volunteer at the Nyéléni Europe Forum 2016 ?

  • Getting involved in an international process and make a direct contribution to its building can be an interesting and challenging opportunity;
  • Nyéléni is an opportunity to gain insight into running events and a great way to network and establish contacts from all over Europe, and not only;
  • Why not fun? The Forum brings together people from different cultures, of various ages and with multiple experiences; Nyéléni is also about celebrating diversity and cooperation!
  • Last, but very important, Nyéléni can be a chance to learn more about food sovereignty right from the middle of the action.

Delegates and volunteers from all over the world will attend this Forum, so if you are looking for meeting people this is the place to be!


Where would your support be needed?

  • Setting up the place: during the 24th - 25th we will build all the stands, scene, kitchen, cabins... Hard, but essential teamwork for the success of the Forum!
  • Welcoming and registering people: during the entire days of the Forum, an information stand will be available to all participants at the Forum. Support people with the right information and guiding they need can bring a great contribution to a facile process and integration for all!
  • Helping in the kitchen: Food sovereignty in action! The food for the Forum will be cooked by Romanian peasant families and international cooking collectives based on local ingredients and recipes. Give a hand at preparing, cooking and serving, while learning traditional local recipes and enjoying a multicultural team!
  • Taking care of children: We want to ensure equal access to the Forum, for everyone in national delegations. Be an animator or caregiver in the children's area and organise activities for children from all around the world!
  • Helping for the evening activities: in the evening, everybody will enjoy some cultural activities, such as concerts or films, and of course we will need some help at the bar!

This is a list with the main activities, but some other more spontaneous ones might appear, there is plenty of work to do.


What can we ensure for volunteers?

  • Accommodation for volunteers who are not from Cluj-Napoca;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, delicious traditional Romanian food;
  • If the case, a certificate that proves you volunteered at Nyéléni 2016;
  • Great multicultural team from whom to learn and share, and a general friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide transportation costs. We can only provide you an invitation to the event to facilitate the visa procedure.


How to apply?

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill in the form HERE.

Deadline for submitting the application form is: 1st of October 2016.


More information about Nyéléni :


Devino voluntar la Forumul Nyéléni! Află mai multe informații, AICI.

Devenez bénévole au Forum Nyéléni ! Plus d'information ICI.


Contact :

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question!

Juliette Cholay - juliette[at]ecoruralis[dot]ro ()

Raluca Dan - raluca[at]ecoruralis[dot]ro ()