Call for Action – Good Food, Good Farming- Let’s march to Brussels

Call for Action – Good Food, Good Farming- Let’s march to Brussels

“Our struggle includes changing public policies and governance structures that rule our food systems – from the local to the national, European and global level – and to de-legitimize corporate power. Public policies must be coherent, complement and promote and protect food systems and food cultures…“ (Nyeleni Europe Declaration, 2011)

Dear citizens and farmers across Europe, this summer, you are invited to collectively bring your demands for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy directly to the EU institutions. Starting in August and ending on the 19th September 2012, the Good Food March will see actions and events across Europe, before a final day of activities in Brussels bringing together all those actors who want to raise their voice for a change and call for a major rethink of our national, European, and international food and farming policies.

The Nyeleni Europe Movement for Food Sovereignty calls for mobilization, and wants to support the initiative of the Good Food March, taken by ARC2020, European Milk Board, European Coordination La Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth, IFOAM EU Group, Meine Landwirtschaft, PAC2013 and Slow Food.

Within the time frame of the Good Food March (August-19 September 2012), the Nyeleni Europe Movement for Food Sovereignty invites civil society organisations and individuals to take part in a number of ways:

With the many ways to participate in the Good Food March: marching or organising local actions, what is most important is that we express our common opinion: the CAP must be changed!

Inform the Good Food March team of your actions by sending an email to info[at]goodfoodmarch[dot]eu. You can also share your activity with others and inform us of your plans by writing a brief report of your action and taking photographs or recording videos to be featured on the Nyeleni Europe Movement for Food Sovereignty website:  info[at]nyelenieurope[dot]net.

Please also take ownership of your role in this food sovereignty movement by translating this call into your own language and sharing it in your country. The more languages we communicate in, the greater our vigour, diversity and strength.

Together we can change the CAP!

Food Sovereignty Now!