Demonstration for a better agricultural policy

Demonstration for a better agricultural policy in Berlin

25 000 people demonstrated for an environmental and social policy reform in Berlin on the last Saturday (19.01.2013).  This was already the third time that consumers, farmers, activists, beekeepers and many other actors being involved in agricultural- and food issues come together with the slogan "We are fed up! Good food. Good farming. Now!”. The demonstrators –  also the 70 tractors, and the vehicles of beekepers – moved from the Berlin Central Station throughout the government district to the Federal Chancellery. The demonstration took place just days before the EU Parliament’s Agriculture Committee holds their final vote on CAP reform, and before the final stages of negotiations in Brussels begin.

Let’s have a CAP that:
•    Delivers secure and stable cost covering prices for farmers and fair prices for consumers.
•    Values our natural, cultural and culinary heritage.
•    Supports real family farms; both young and old. We can’t lose anymore farmers!
•    Links subsidies directly to social, environment, and animal welfare criteria. Public money for public goods!
•    Takes us to a greener and more sustainable agriculture, and promotes agro-ecological farming methods.
•    Strengthens the social and economic development of rural communities.
•    Guarantees the cultivation of local protein feed crops, rather than imported soy.
•    Ensures greater equity between old and new EU Member States.
•    Moves us towards food sovereignty.
•    Assumes international responsibility and ensures that Europe and the global South become more self-sufficient.
•    Rejects food speculation and ends the export of agricultural products at a price below their production cost.

Many thanks to all who were there!

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