Good Food March - Photo Action!

Good Food March - Photo Action!

Take a picture an be in the photo album in Brussels! It’s time to press for change. This year’s CAP reform is our chance to demand a policy that delivers good food and good farming. Good food is a powerful experience and is something we care about. This year the future of our food and farming will be set by the European Parliament and national Governments as they decide over Europe’s Agriculture Policy (CAP) for the seven coming years, each of them worth about 60 billion Euro.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can help provoke this change for better. All it takes is an A4 sheet of paper and a thick felt-tip pen. Write your message on food and farming to the related to food and/or farming that addresses the essence of an issue you care about. Then add your first name, country of origin and profession if you like. Click here to see the messages we received so far. Ask a friend to take a picture of you and your message in landscape mode; preferably within a background that links you to your message – i.e. in your kitchen or garden, at your local shop or farm. Email your picture message to photo[at]goodfoodmarch[dot]eu"> photo[at]goodfoodmarch[dot]eu and we will upload it on Use and share this text and your photo to encourage your friends and family to do the same. We will take all your picture messages with us on the Good Food March to Brussels and hand it to the members of the European Parliament who are currently deciding the fate of our food and farming. It’s high time they knew what you want

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