List of Activities for 17th April 2012 around Europe

List of Activities for 17th April 2012 around Europe

Actions connected to the International Day of Peasant Struggle are going on all over Europe day tomorrow! The following list presents all concrete activities prepared by farmers' organisations, civil  society  organizations  and  movements for the event. This week provides possibilities to recognize the importance of peasant struggles and the to raise awareness of  Food Sovereignty. Don't hesitate to join  public discussions, film screenings, street actions, garden and farm visits or demonstrations in your area.

April 17 is the International Day of Peasant Struggle, commemorating the massacre of 19 peasants struggling for land and justice in Brazil in 1996. Every year on that day actions take place around the world in defence of peasants and small-scale farmers struggling for their rights.


Napoli, 17th of April

Activities:- Farmers testimonies and presentation of the Campaign "Land, a Common Good"
- Screening of the documentary "THE WHITE REVOLUTION"
Organizer: an event organized by Ragnatela&SquolaPopolare

Perugia, 17th of April, Time: 18h
Activity_1 : Presentation of the film “genuino clandestino”, of Nicola Angrisano
- Presentation of the producers of “TerraFuoriMercato and launching of the campaign “Land, a common good”
Activity_2: Dinner, appetizer “clandestine”, Time:20h
Organizer: Al Mangiar bene

Padua, 17 of April
Activity: a day of discussion and action about Land Grabbing, the struggles over land and common goods in Italy (as, for example, the struggle against NO TAV, high speed train) the new enclosures that are spreading thanks to the new government and the plan of new oil drillings around the nation.
More infos (in Italian) here:
Organizer: Group of students and workers from Padua

Trento, 17th of April

Activities: In our small Trentino, seemingly respectful of the environment and nature, we will organize an afternoon of Earth:

16.00 - Flashmob for spring awakening (for those who want to participate write to  richiedentiterra [at]

16.40h - Presentation Initiative
17.00h - Self-production of vegetables and aromatic plants (participants can take home, share or give away to passers / friends / family the fruits of their work)
- Sharing stories and struggles of peasants and international km zero
Final organic snack for those who spend at least 15 minutes of his precious time :)
The activities 'will be accompanied by the sound of African rhythms djambe'!

Location: Piazza Cesare Battisti


Vienna, 17th of April, time:11

Action: land occupation near to Vienna, creating urban garden: discussion, working together in the garden, PeopleKichen, music


Brussels, 15th of April
Activity : dance, giant brunch, music, seeds exchanges. Actions planned for April 17 will also be presented

Time : starts at 12am
Activity: Screening of various documentaries and debate:
- 14h : " Breeders solutions to climate change”
- 15h : "Free our seeds "
- 16h : "Nyeleni 2011”

Organizer : Réseau de soutien à l’agriculture paysanne (RsAP)
Venue: Brussels, parc du Cinquantenaire in the part of the parc called “plaine du chien vert" (Schuman side).

Brussels, 16th of April

Activity : Screening of the film 'L'hiver dernier", John Shank. The film will be followed by an exchange with some people invested in the red réseau de soutien à l'agriculture paysanne

Venue : cinéma Vendôme

Time : 19 h

Brussels, 17th to 30th of April

Activity : Photos Exposition on access to land (ONG FIAN). Speeches and vernissage on April 17, from 12h30 to 14h00.

Place : Parlement Fédéral :

Brussels, 19th of April

Activity : Screening of "Solutions locales pour un désordre global" debate with some members of ReSAP (réseau de soutien à l'agriculture paysanne)

Venue : ferme Holleken à Uccle. 


Sligo, 17th of April
Activity: open day of a newly established community orchard. Wild flower seeds sowing, grafting fruit tree's demonstration and local food. celebration
Contact: natascha telford  nataschatelford [at]

Dublin, 17th April

Activity: Sunrise walk April 17th for International Day of Peasant Struggle

On International Day of Peasant Struggle, we will take a promenade at dawn down the South Wall of Dublin Bay. There, we will tip some seed into the Irish Sea in solidarity with others all over the world who care for seed, the land and the sea, in compassion with peasants in struggle, and in fellowship with those who fight for food sovereignty.

We will meet at 6am to adorn ourselves in fancy dress, walk along the south wall and share a seaside picnic breakfast. We hope our morning action will stimulate a ripple of activity and solidarity throughout the day.

We will be meeting at 6AM in the carpark along the sea on pigeon house road past the south bank road/pigeon house road roundabout.  See the link for an image of exactly where it is.  We hope to have a lighthearted morning with some fancy dress and food, so please bring along something to share for a picnic breakfast.


Nice, 17th of April
Activity_1: Press conference with local organizations (Alliance Provence, Agribio 06, Terre de Liens, Artisans du Monde, Les Perdigones, Aqui sien Ben, le PECOS...) to talk about difficulties to access to land for farming
Time: 18h

Activity_2: Diner with local products
Time : 19 h

Activity _3: Screening of the film “Tous au Larzac”
Time : 20h30
Venue : Heaquarters of the association "La Zonmé", 7 bis rue des Combattants en Afrique du Nord, à Nice.
Contacts: Yoann LE LAY - Place Chanoine Gouget - 06 380 SOSPEL - 04 93 81 06 
Organizer: Confederation Paysanne

Questembert, 17th of April

Activity: planting seeds on a round about. Come with your seeds, gardening tools and sound instruments !!!
Time 16h30
Venue : rond point du Petit-Molac (ICI)
Organizer : Ingalan

Nantes, 17 of April

Activity: gardening rally !! 
Bring your seeds, gardening tools and sound instruments to transform the town into a wild and merry garden!!!
Time :  16h00
venue : Square Mercoeur (ICI)

Teillé, 17 of April

Activity: Meeting in solidarity of the international day of peasant struggle Various political parties are invited to speak on various topics and will address the problems associated with land purchases, by firms imposing monoculture systems such as African palm.
Venue : Salle polyvalente de Teillé
Time : 20h30
Date: 17 avril
Organizer : Wagon, Loco-motive, Agile, and Confédération paysanne

Jura (ou Franche-Comté), Champagnole, 17th of April

Activity : Action againts agricultural land grab by a supermarket construction.

Dordogne, 17th of April

Activity : Pique-nique againts agricultural land grab in a zone that will be built (3500 m2)

Calvados, Caen, 17th of April

Activity : Screening of the film « Tous au Larzac »with a debate

Calvados, Caen, 21st of April

Activity : Downtown action againts land grabbing. Public awareness (distribution of small pots filled with soil and a seed, soil saved from concrete areas)

Ardèche, 17th of April

Activity :Action against agricultural land grab on a place where houses will be built : « buckets of soil against iron pot».

Languedoc Roussillon, 17th of April

Activity : two actions are foreseen. One will be specifically on land

Paris, 17th of Apri

Activity : Welcoming of Farmers cyclo tour looking for land, coming from Nord-Pas de Calais. Symbolic actions will be organized (visit to presidential campaign headquarters ?)

15h30 à Paris, Avenue des Champs-Elysées

A la sortie du Métro Georges V (ligne 1)

Contacts :Martin Boutry (sur le vélo) : 06 22 13 32 33

Christian Roqueirol (Secrétaire national, paysan sur le Larzac) : 06 72 68 45 40

Bernard Breton (animateur) : 06 72 24 22 70

Haute-Savoie, Annemasse, 17th of April

Activity : Pique-nique against land grab in a future Zone of 25 ha for Economic Activities (ZAE). Comedy action involving a fake mayor, speeches awards ....

Mayenne, 24th of April

Activity : Welcoming of farmers cyclo-tour with retiring farmers land young farmers

Nord, Lille, 14th of April

Activity : cyclotour departure to Paris and Nantes. Farmers market, small farm downtown in front of the town hall to denounce a new project of ZAC (zone for comercial activities) Rally to the Place. Informal meeting between artist and farmers.

Deux-Sèvres, Bressuire, 12th of April

Activité : Action (with tractors) in connection with the arrival of JM Ayrault (mayor of Nantes). La Conf 79 will denounce land grab due to Notre Dame des Landes airport

Doubs, Marchaux, 17th of April

Action de denounce the settlement of a photovoltaic plant of 20 ha.


Sofia, 17th April, time: 18-22h

8 Madrid blvd., social center Xaspel

Activity:food sovereigty discussion and film screening


Istria, 17th of April
Activity: The Green Library Project, the Librarian Association of Istria will present La Via Campesina movement, through the lecture by Zoran Skala on problems of food production in the 21st century
Place: At the University of Pula (Croatia).
Contact : Ivan Kraljevic  kivan [at] 

United Kindom

Walthamstow, 17th of April

Activity: Public teach-ins - The community food growers network invites you to a day of public events exploring why Genetically Modified (GM) crops pose a threat to sustainable food production, what the GM industry is doing here in Britain, and how we as ordinary people can support alternative, sustainable and socially just food systems.
Organizer: The Community food growers network.
More info on:
Chingford, 17th of April
Activity: Public teach-ins - The community food growers network invites you to a day of public events exploring why Genetically Modified (GM) crops pose a threat to sustainable food production, what the GM industry is doing here in Britain, and how we as ordinary people can support alternative, sustainable and socially just food systems.
Organizer: The Community food growers network.
More info on:

Brixton, 17th of April
Activity: Public teach-ins - The community food growers network invites you to a day of public events exploring why Genetically Modified (GM) crops pose a threat to sustainable food production, what the GM industry is doing here in Britain, and how we as ordinary people can support alternative, sustainable and socially just food systems.
Organizer: The Community food growers network
More info on:

London, 17th of April
Activity: Film screening “ Vanishing of the Bees”
More on:

Gloucestershire, 17th of April
Activity: We intend to make a stand, for peasants rights, here in the Forest of Dean- the last great Forest in the England.
Contact: Thom Forester -  all [at]

Bristol, 17th of April

Activité : Bring music makers and other loud things, peasant attire (we’ll bring the dung) snacks, seedlings to plant – bring the wilderness to the concrete of the Court! We’re organising skillshares, bushcraft workshops, guerilla gardening, they’ll be talks on land rights and laws.

Heure 11 heure

Lieu : Bristol County Court, Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6GR

Organisateur : Peasants Protect The Wilderness and Reclaim the fields


Oviedo, Asturia, 17st of April
Activity : Rally and theater
Time :  19h
Venue: Pza Ayuntamiento. Uviéu
Organizer: Plataforma Asturiana por la Soberania Alimentaria

Nava, Asturia, 21st of April
Activity: Organic and artisanal market. Theater “La historia de las cosas” and music.
Time :  11h30
Venue: Pza Dominganes. Nava
Organizer: Plataforma Asturiana por la Soberania Alimentaria

Alicante, 13th of April
Activity : Screening of a documentary on “Transxenia”(GMO)
Venue : Sala Miguel Hernández. Sede Universitaria Avda. Ramón y Cajal, 4.
Time : 20:15h Proyección Audiovisual .

Alicante, 14th of April

Activity : Stories and infantile plays. musical rally - popular ecological lunch and distribution of information
Venue : Plaza de las Flores, Mercado Central.
Time : 11am to 3pm

Alicante, 18th of April

Activity : Debate on GM food and consequences for our daily life with Lola Raigón. Catedrática de Escuela Universitaria del Área de Edafología y Química Agrícola UPV. Experta en alimentación ecológica. Manuel Izquierdo. Apicultor y Miembro de la Ejecutiva provincial de COAG Sevilla. David Sánchez. Amigos de la Tierra.

Venue : Club Información. Avda. Doctor Rico, 17.

Time : 19:00h

Castilla y León, Ponferrada, 14th of April,

Activity : Under the asphalt is the orchard. Talk given by members of BAH. Unit cooperative of distribution- consumption of organic production that presents a alternative consumer-producer relationship model.

Venue: Centro Social la Madriguera del Oso (C/Méjico 2, Ponferrada)

Time : 18h00

Castilla y León, Ponferrada, 15th of April,

Activity: Video-forum and discussion: "The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil" (El poder de la Comunidad: Como Cuba Sobrevivío al Pico del Petróleo). A documentary that shows the social changes happened in Cuba due to the embargo of United States forcing them to seek alternatives to their previous life styles.

Venue : Tetería de Toral de Merayo

Time : 12h00

Castilla y León, Ponferrada, 16th of April

Activity: Comprehensive cooperative talk: Alipio Gorostiza, president of consumer ecological Leon Seed, presents a model of cooperatives that provide solutions to all levels: production, financial, social, etc..

Location: Dosmilvacas, arte ( Astorga, 7. Bajo. Ponferrada)

Time : 19h30

Castilla y León, Ponferrada, 17th of April

Activity: Workshop conducted by Gustavo Duch, veterinarian, writer and contributor to various national media, former director of Veterinarios sin Fronteras and author of several books on food sovereignty, food industry and abuse of power in third world countries.

Time : 19h00

País Vasco, San Sebastian, 17th of April

Activity: That day we will in the street, putting posters with slogans against the land grabbing and for food sovereignty, accompanied by music and local produce in celebrative demands way.

Time : 18h00

Organizers: A consumer group “Antiguaotarrak del Antiguo” (Donostia)

Contact: Antiguaotarrak Kontsumo Taldea

Provincia de Valencia, Castelló de la Plana, 17th of April

Activity: Lecture - "The impact of GMOs in our food" by
David Sanchez, GM expert and member of Friends of the Earth.
Location: In San Isidro Foundation, Enmedio 49.

Time : 19:15

More information:

Navarra, 16th of April

Activity : Debate on tenure and use of land in Navarra with farmers from EHNE

organizer : Alianza por la Soberanía Alimentaria de Nafarroa

Navarre, 21th of  April

Activity : Food sovereignty fest with (Consumer and producer group. Social forum, seeds exchanges)

organizer : Alianza por la Soberanía Alimentaria de Nafarroa


Uppsala, 18th of April

Activity: a lecture to celebrate The International day for peasant struggle with Diego Montón, active in the global small farmers network Via Campesina. He will bring up alternative solutions about how we can reduce our influence over the climate and the violations of people’s right to food.

Time : 18h30
Location: Cafe Mumrik, Kungsgatan 61, Uppsala

Organizer: Latinamerikagrupperna Uppsala
Contact: Juliana :  juliana [at]"> juliana [at]


Vessegibro , Falkenberg , 13th to 15th of April

Activity: Natural Resources and Cultivating Conference

Organizer: NordBruk with FOE and others


Geneva, 17th of April

Activity : During the day: 11am appointment for a walk promenade de la Treille in the Old part of the city of Geneva. Evening: 8:15 p.m. Conference with Maria Carmen Garcia Bueno, member of the committee of SOC (union of fields workers), involved at the beginning of Marinaleda experiences. Land occupations are common in that region of Spain. Let's discover an unusual place. Utopia has it become reality?

Lieu: maison des Associations Genève, 15 rue des Savoises 
Heure : 19h30 Film on Marinaleda 
Organizer : groupe écosocialiste de solidaritéS. Uniterre et l'autre syndicats, membres de la Via Campesina

Winterhur, 17th of April

Activity : questioning of city officials.

Heure 10h.

Lieu : Oberer Graben

Laufen, 17th of April

Activité : Launching of a quality label for milk

Venue : Restaurant Lämmli.

Neuchatel, 18th of April

Activity : Evening with Maria Carmen Garcia Bueno on Marinaleda and acces to land.

- 18h anti pasti

- 19h film on Marinaleda 
- 20h conference

Venue: Salle Unia, av. de la Gare 3, Maison des syndicats à Neuchâtel

Organizer: SolidaritéS, Maloca, Groupe migrants UNIA, Uniterre Neuchâtel

Jura, 17th of April

Activity : surprise


Lisbon, 17 April

Action: symbolic initiative at a local market aiming to denounce the unequal distribution of added value within the food chain. Information: Adelia Vilas Boas adeliavilasboas [at]


Bremen, 17th of April

Activity : 24 - hours siege in front of Deutsche Bank : soup kitchen, music, theater, film and much more. Please bring chairs, tents, rain equipment, information material, your own cultural contributions and much more. Stop neocolonial land-grabbing and food speculation. For food sovereignty and a good life for everyone !!

Time : 16.30 on time:

Venue : Deutsche Bank at the Domshof in Bremen

Organizer : European section of the transnational network afrique-europe-interact

More info :


Peliti land in Mesochori, Municipality of Paranesti, 21-23 th April

Activity:International seed days in Greece

12th Pan-Hellenic Festival for the Exchange of Local Varieties

We are happy to invite you to attend the International Seed Days in Greece, from 21 to 23 April 2012. Come and share your experiences as well as the practices that you have developed in your garden, your neighborhood, your city, your country with regard to local varieties and food cultivation. Come and participate in a big seed swap where we can offer each other the seeds of our ancestors. Now that the economic crisis is at our door, now that we are losing basic freedoms that were won through hard battles, it is time to cooperate closely. During periods of severe economic crises it is more important than ever to ensure free access to seeds. Come and participate in a discussion on how to fight for this right across Europe.

Organised by Peliti ( ) with the support of

the Europe-wide Seed Campaign that organised the International Seed Swap in Brussels in April 2011 ( ) as well as with the support of the Municipality of Paranesti and the Centre for Environmental Education of Paranesti.


Activity: In preparation of the People Summit in Rio, the International Alliance of Inhabitants will support the International day of peasants struggles by publishing of a special bulletin for its more than 130.000 users in more than 100 countries.
Contact: Cesare Ottolini –  info [at]" data-mce-href="mailto: info [at]"> info [at]