One year after the Nyeleni Europe Forum

One year after the Nyeleni Europe Forum

Dear Nyéléni Europe Participants, today, it is one year since the beautiful week we spent in Austria at the first European Forum for Food Sovereignty. We worked together towards realizing Food Sovereignty. We decided collectively to TRANSFORM our food system in Europe, and reclaim community control; RESIST the expansion of the agro-industrial food system; and BUILD our movement for Food Sovereignty in Europe.

The Forum was a great event, where we shared our experiences, challenges and successes about the construction of a sustainable food system. As a first step, the Forum was a catalyser to reinforce our collective aims; it provided us a dynamic space in which to reconstruct the way society today organises around food and agriculture.

Since the Forum the European Food Sovereignty Movement has been strengthened: more and more people are engaged in campaigning for a better food system and numerous local events and national and international conferences have been organised.

In order to publicise our productive, diverse and active work for Food Sovereignty, we ask you to send us a short 'story' about your work on Food Sovereignty, describing what you have done locally or nationally in your country to strengthen the movement and we will put these on the website. Send us pictures, links to videos and a short text to (info[at]nyelenieurope[dot]net) by the end of September. Present your activities to motivate others so that we will become even more organised.

Food Sovereignty! NOW!

Best regards: Nyéléni Europe Committee