P2P, Peasants to peasants, an agro-ecological training framework in Europe

TrainingRepository_Promoting Peasant Agroecology.png

ECVC publishes a first training referential on peasant agroecology, the result of the work of six member organisations in the framework of the European Erasmus + project “P2P Agroecology, Agroecology exchange from peasant to peasant in Europe” which ran from 2018 to 2021.


This reference toolkit was written primarily for peasants who wish to work on the development of peasant agroecology beyond their farm, by exchanging with their peers, by getting involved in agricultural development organisations or by participating in the elaboration of public agricultural policies, in particular through trade union mandates. However, it can also be a source of reference for activists, volunteers, trainers or employees of agricultural development structures.


Its main objective is to provide training in the promotion of peasant agroecology by giving general guidelines and orienting training programmes, whether in an institutional framework or in popular education approaches, in order to advance peasant agroecology throughout Europe.


You can access it here.