Publication : Incorporating Peasants' Rights to Seeds in European Law

incorporating peasants' rights to seeds in Europe.png

The European Coordination Via Campesina has the pleasure to present its latest publication, Incorporating Peasants’ Rights to Seeds in European Law. Almost three years after the adoption of UNDROP, the objective of this publication is to review the current state of play concerning respect of peasants’ rights to seeds in the European Union and highlight which regulatory frameworks are problematic to the implementation of these rights.


In the context of the current revision of the EU seed marketing legislation and of the European Commission’s study on “new genomic techniques”, this publication aims to express ECVC’s demands for a coherent European regulatory framework implementing peasants’ rights relative to seeds, including concrete proposals for the establishment of a separate regulatory framework for peasants’ seed systems as well as our demands concerning the strict retention and application of the current European legislation on GMOs.


The full publication can be consulted here.