World Food Day - World Food Sovereignty Day

Transform the “World Food Day” into the “World Food Sovereignty Day”!

Take action this 16th of October: transform the “World Food Day” into the “World Food Sovereignty Day”! This year, once more, following the decision taken by hundreds of organisations during the Nyeleni Europe Forum of August 2011, the Nyeleni Europe Committee calls to turn symbolically the "World Food Day" - celebrated all around the world on 16th October - into the "World Food Sovereignty Day". Why?

Because global agricultural trends have not evolved: fewer and fewer farmers to feed Europe, more and more food speculation on the markets and a boom in land-and-seed-grabbing worldwide.

Because small farmers are still the first victims of our agricultural system: in our societies those who produce food can hardly live from the land anymore. Meanwhile they are exploited by intermediaries and financial bodies that are making a lot of money this way.

Because most consumers are denied access to healthy, local and sustainable food.

Because a certain type of agriculture is supported only by the community while politicians, public bodies and institutions pay no more than lip service.

Because the profits of agro-industry keep rising, just like the number of people who cannot eat properly.

Because this so-called "austerity", which has been inflicted on agriculture for decades, is now applied to the rest of the society: privatisation of the profits and externalisation of the costs on the whole of society.

Because there are no "growing unemployment rates", merely more and more landless farmers.

Because contrary to what they say: There Are Some Alternatives, and a crucial one is



The Nyeleni Europe Movement for Food Sovereignty invites you to organize direct actions, demonstrations, public talks, film screenings, or any event on 16th October to reaffirm your vision of the right of all peoples to define their own food and agriculture policies and systems, without harming either people or precious natural resources, as Food Sovereignty implies. And please inform us about what you're organising!

Contact : info[at]nyelenieurope[dot]net

The Nyeleni Europe Movement for Food Sovereignty is aiming to change the way our society is organized, through its food and agriculture system. We aim to strengthen and broaden the movement for Food Sovereignty in Europe by reinforcing our common understanding of what this concept means, identifying common challenges and obstacles to Food Sovereignty in Europe and constructing common strategies to make it a reality as soon as possible.

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