Who we are

We are a political and social alliance of grassroots, community based movements and organizations, representing small-scale food producers: peasants/small farmers, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, small-scale fisher people, agriculture and food workers; and supporting constituencies, such as urban poor; rural and urban women’s and youth organisations; consumers, environmental, justice, solidarity, human rights organizations; community-based food movements, which politically respect the 6 principles of Food Sovereignty as agreed at the First Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Forum and sign up to the Nyéléni Europe Declaration from 2011.


We recognize that the political leadership should be in the hands of the social movement constituencies, in particular small-scale food producers, who are right-holders and the most affected by agriculture and food-related policies and unsustainable food systems.


Supporting constituencies work in collaboration with social movement constituencies and support them in addressing political issues, developing strategies, actions and campaigns that involve the whole Nyéléni movement.