Nyeleni Europe Food Sovereignty

The newsletter will serve as a tool to keep you updated on the Food Sovereignty process in Europe, national activities, Nyeleni movement participation in other processes, solidarity actions, advocacy work and more!

Download the previous editions of Nyeleni Europe Movement for Food Sovereignty's newsletters:

Newsletter English No. 5 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_05_EN.pdf 

Newsletter English No. 4 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_04_EN.pdf

Newsletter Espanol No. 3 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_03_ES.pdf

Newsletter Francais No. 3 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_03_FR.pdf

Newsletter English No. 3 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_03_EN.pdf

Newsletter Espanol No. 2- Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_02_ES.pdf

Newsletter Francais No. 2 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_02_FR.pdf

Newsletter English No. 2 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_02_EN.pdf

Newsletter Espanol No. 1 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_00_ES.pdf

Newsletter Francais No. 1 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_00_FR.pdf

Newsletter English No. 1 - Nyeleni_EUR_Newsletter_Num_00_EN.pdf

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